• Commercial Fit ​Ups

    • Hair salons
    • Mall work
    • Banks
    • Restaurants
  • Institutional Work

    • Hospitals
    • Old folks homes
    • Jails
    • Casinos
    • Government Buildings
  • Industrial Work

Services Provided

Our Team

Why Choose KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc? 

KDR Design Builders (Commercial) inc. specializes in the following:

Construction Management

KDR Design-Build Process

General Construction

  • KDR has developed relationships with:
    • Achitects & Designers
    • Engineers & Consultants
    • Subcontractors
    • Manufacturers
    • Fabricators
KDR’s design/build process and our commitment to client satisfaction will ensure costs are drastically minimized and delivery is timely.
We have a dedicated team of professionals working at KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. We will ensure that your project is completed in time and within budget.

Who We Are

KDR’s construction experience allows it to take on the leadership role on client sites.
Responsible for the project and project teams providing for effective time management, production quality, performance flexibility, risk and cost.
Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. is a leader in Commercial fit up designs and renovations. This includes restaurants, retail space, hair salons, work in schools, casino work, work in jails, and industrial work.

KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. in Winnipeg
Unit 10 – 1146 Waverly St. 
Winnipeg, MB.  R3T 0P4


KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. in Winnipeg