Here at KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc., safety is one of our primary concerns. 

Our goal: zero injuries on all KDR Commercial jobsites.

Management, supervisors, employees and sub-trades are all equally responsible for safety and must comply with the rules and regulations set out in the Workplace Safety and Health Act, KDR Homes Safety Program, and any/all project specific safety rules and regulations. 

KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. will provide the tools and information needed to ensure that a safe workplace environment is provided for its workers, supervisors, sub trades and the public.

It is the responsibility of all workers, supervisors, and sub-trades to conduct their business in a safe manner. Communication of safety issues and concerns and working cooperatively will help us achieve these standards. 

Maintaining these standards will provide us with an environment in which we can operate safely and efficiently. 
All sub-trades will be required to follow the policies and procedures outlined in KDR Homes Corporate Safety Program. All sub-trades will review with their employees the KDR Homes safety requirements before entering any KDR Homes jobsite. 

Contractor Safety Guidelines & Acceptance Form 
The current version of our Contractor Guidelines and Acceptance Form in PDF format can be downloaded. Print, and sign off for return to KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view.