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  • Direct Project Management and supervision of millions of dollars in small and large Commercial -office, retail, and industrial projects.

  • Managing all projects with professionalism, assembling and directing all resources required on assigned projects, ensuring its success by clearly communicating customer's needs to all working parties.

  • Efficient coordination and commitment to delivering projects on time and on budget, while maintaining the highest level of quality and service.

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Message from the President:

Dear Visitor:
Thank you for taking the time to visit KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. website. This site has been designed to tell you a little about what KDR does and to help you decide if KDR would be a good match for your construction project.

I am dedicated to the construction industry and committed to building truly great things. As you will see by browsing through the various pages on this site, we are involved in every aspect of the construction industry.  I invite you to learn about the areas that will most benefit you and your endeavors. 

As President of KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc., I know that your experience with KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc. will be a successful one. I am happy that you have found our site and I encourage you to visit often for industry updates and information. 

Thank you again for your time and enjoy your stay! 

Sincerely, Diego Vassallo
President, KDR Design Builders (Commercial) Inc.

Diego has 27 years experience in the commercial, renovation and residential sectors of the construction industry. Starting from the trenches, Diego attained his journeyman status as a carpenter. Through education and experience, Diego has developed superior organizational and managerial skills.


KDR Homes consists of experienced and talented individuals devoted to providing you with superior customer service.
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Our President